The Current's Rock and Roll Book Club

The Current’s Rock and Roll Book Club

In May 2015, I spearheaded the launch of The Current’s Rock and Roll Book Club: an online series of reviews and giveaways that let the station’s staff share some of the books they love. Currently, the Rock and Roll Book Club is a weekly on-air feature: Wednesday mornings at 8:30, I join Brian Oake and Jill Riley to talk about the book of the week. Tune in on the radio, online, or via the MPR Radio app.

On September 16, the book club went IRL for the first time with an event at the Bryant-Lake Bowl as part of the second annual Lit Crawl MN. We threw a record party with three authors of nonfiction books about Minnesota music — we talked Prince, the Suburbs, the Suicide Commandos, the Minneapolis Sound. Andrea Swensson, Jim Walsh, and Cyn Collins will read their work and spun some groovy vinyl.

There’s another Rock and Roll Book Club event at the 2019 Lit Crawl MN, on May 11: a classic rock record party with Steven Hyden, author of Twilight of the Gods.